Reasons Why Audrey Loves Anna Kendrick Of Pitch Perfect (VIDEO)

I recently had the opportunity thanks to Buzznet to go see the screening of the movie Pitch Perfect! All of the actors are great but one really stood out to me and that was Anna Kendrick.

I think there are a lot of reasons why I love Anna Kendrick! One of them being she always picks amazing movie roles. Scott Pilgrim and Up In The Air are both brilliant films not to mention her most recent comedy Pitch Perfect. Come on George Clooney, Michael Cera and Adam DeVine as her co stars? She is super down to earth, and doesn’t even seem like the flashy Hollywood paparazzi type girl you’re going to see in the tabloids any time soon. Not to mention she is on the shorter side of the height scale much like myself, all good things come in small packages right? It being a super super small world she actually has been for a while and still is room mates with my cousin in LA and he only has the best things to say about her! Insane I know.

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You can see the movie in theatres starting Friday September 28th!

Are YOU planning to go see it?!