Real Or Rumor: Miley Cyrus Started A Nightclub Brawl?!

Miley Cyrus is notoriously known for being a bit of a wild child, getting herself caught in scandalous instances with cakes and has even gotten banned from hanging out with Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris Jackson. But is the 19-year-old capable of instigating a fight? TMZ reports that Miley and her fiance Liam Hemsworth were involved in a nightclub brawl this weekend.

The alleged brawl victim filed a police report with the LAPD and claimed he and his friends were sitting behind Liam and Miley at Beacher’s Madhouse in the Roosevelt Hotel when they accidentally bumped into Liam’s chair. The two parties exchanged words, which ended up escalating the argument quickly. The alleged victim claimed that Liam got in his face and Miley jumped in the middle to break it up – but not before pushing him away and hitting him in the face. There were no visible marks.

A witness told TMZ that he saw the argument but Miley never threw a punch.

An inside source at Buzznet reveals that the reports are false. Our source says they saw Miley and Liam leave and no brawl happened, there were also no chairs at the club whatsoever… and “Miley’s hair looked amazing!”

Do you think Miley would really start a fight or is it something someone made up?