Question of the Day: Which People Are You Glad You’ve Met?

It’s party tiems right meow, you guise! Not really, OR IS IT? Today’s question is fairly simple so I am not really going to blather on about nothing, like I have been doing as of late. Let’s talk about people that I am glad that I have met. I will try to think of 5, even though the trending topic on Twitter is #10PeopleImGladIMet – In no particular order, even though #2 should be #1 but whatever:

  1. Randy – She is my chum that used to live the building over from me and we used to do a ton together UNTIL SHE LEFT ME. She lives in far away now because of her dream job/boyfriend, so that’s good. We catch up every meow and then.
  2. Mommy – My for reals mom left us when we were small because my dad was a wad or something and she had to grow as a person. Stuff happens. I didn’t really talk to her until I left for the Army when I was 18. I talk about my step mom a lot (and she’s awful), but real mom is awesome. She’s crazy, likes to shoot things, drive fast cars, and I think she’s a republican but that’s okay. She likes me still and I am a gay so I FORGIVE HER.
  3. Aubrie – I’ve known this crazy kid for like, long. I met her in my senior year in high school. She wrote me letters when I was off being a soldier and we’ve been chums ever since. We hang out a lot now and do yoga and talk about music and books and life and it’s fun. We also cook things some times and walk our dogs together. She rocks!
  4. Mario – This is my birthday brother. We met in Texas and pretty much we are soul mates but we hate each other. Actually that’s not true. But it sort of is. JK! No, he’s a really cool kid. We used to go parties together and have mind altering experiences together and break things (mostly hearts). I am the father of his fish baby, Mr. Perkins.
  5. J.C – This is my good bud that I’ve known since I came back to California. We’ve always stayed in touch (not that kind of touch) and we used to go out to kLuBz and stuff. That time was a mess but we stayed friends. He’s also getting married in Hawaii and I get to be in his wedding party and stuff. It’s gonna be amazebawlz!
  6. Alex – What they heck, an extra one. I’ve known this dude for like 2 years or so. We ride bikes together (well we used to but he’s lazy now) and we drink beers together. I hang out with him and his brofriend and throw things at their chickens. JK I would never! But he’s cool. He’s a new drinking bud and we’re going to take a beer making class when he gets some time off.

Those are the peeps I’m glad I’ve met. I guess I ended up blathering on, even though I said I wouldn’t. Whatever. Now it’s your turn. Tell me about the people that you’re glad you’ve met. You don’t have to have crazy long explanations but if you want share, feel free! That is all. Are you ready? Go!

Which people are you glad you’ve met?