Question of the Day: Something You Learned From A Past Relaysh

Good morning bb’s. Today is Tuesday, the day after Monday. I have a few things that I want to share with you because I don’t have any friends and thusly, no one to really share them with. Firstest, I mabs should have showed you this yesterday, but I didn’t, so w/e. Better late than never, amirite?

I give to you Monday Cat:

This is what my soul looks like, I am pretty sure

As I was sharing my soul with a friend, said friend internet trumped with the following mew:

Colonel Meow In the City

And so now Colonel Meow has taken over me heart, in all it’s fluffy, angry glory. Last night, I went to me mum’s to get her drunk so she could blame everything on Obama and I showed everyone Colonel Meow and we all laughed and my family ate cheesecake and we fed the IRL cat, Vashti, a strawberry, and it ate it. This cat really loves strawberries.

Alright, so that is all that I wanted to share with you all. Plz to enjoy these morsels from the chocolate chip cookie of mai hart. I hope you all really like errors in grammar as well, because this post has a lot of them. It was intentional. IDK why I did that, I just did. Hopefully you are still reading this stream of consciousness blog.

Let’s ask you some questions.

Breath mint? Binaca?

A lot of here have ex’s and ghosts of lovers passed, right? Well I do. Well, not really. I am kind of proud of the fact that I’ve only had like, 4 BFs in my entire life. When I tell other gheyz that, they look at me funny. That is besides the point I suppose. I am prone to long strings of singleness. It’s my thing.


I like to think that I learn from the comedy of errors that is my life but in all actuality, I probably don’t. I just keep trudging along like the little engine that could. I think I become more wise in how I deal with people but only after observing them for long periods of time, not because some so and so taught me how to compromise or anything like that. I am probably awful.

Let’s talk about you. I was going to say, “Let’s talk about ewe,” but that seems rude-ish. But really, let’s. Have you learned anything from your past relationships? Any speshul insights about the complexities of the human condition that you care to share with us? Maybe you didn’t. That’s why we are here today. Maybe we can learn from each other. IDEK what I am talking about anymore. Maybe you’ve had enough of my ramblings.

Boy ain’t right

Have you learned anything from a past relationship?