Question of the Day: Let’s All Try…..



Does anyone even celebrate Caturday? Is it too early for a throwback in all things Caturday-lishus? OMG that mew. Look at it go! It is running to you to get some hugs. Do not deny it of some sweet hug times.

I am, sadly, a tad tired today. I say “sadly” because I didn’t get home until late and it took me forever to bike home because my legs were being dumb. Thank goodness for coffee. I am having a lot of it right meow.

aaaand this just happened:

so sue me

But anymews, lets talk about trying stuff. Today’s question is all about things that you’ve tried that other people need to try. That means, pretty much anything. You could lie and we wouldn’t even know, we kind of just have to take your word for it. If you’ve tried it, suggest it for other people to try.

We all need to make gifs of ourselves as cats. Thanks to the internet, I can show you mai proof. So there. So the rules are:

  • Your suggest must be something that you’ve tried
  • Write it on the internet (buzz-internets)
  • The end

Are you ready to begin this suggest party? I think you are. I am just going to sit here and wait for you all to get this partay estarted.

Don’t leave me!

aaaaaand GO!

What things should we all try?