Question of the Day: What Was the Last Thing You Were Really Excited For?

I can’t say that I am really excited right now about anything. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been excited about anything lately, it’s just that the things I get excited about are kind of “old man-ish” and that makes me feel less excited about them once I realize just why I am excited in the first place.

Party Hard

Let’s talk about going out. Since I am not 21 anymore (and haven’t been for a really long time), going out really isn’t that big a deal. If I go to a bar and the music isn’t too loud and there’s a barstool for me to sit on, HOLY FRACK I AM EXCITED.


So it’s things like that. That is my life now and that’s what makes me excited. What about you? What was the last thing you were excited about? Tell us and then let’s all get excited and do the never nude shuffle. That is all. Are you ready? GO!