Question of the Day: Did You Know It’s National Unmarried & Singles Week?

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t. That’s okay, though. That’s why the internet and I are here. We like to keep you all in the loop.Welcome to National Unmarried/Singles Week!

~* Pretty much my spirit gif *~

Since most of us here are single (omg am I wrong?), I just want to bask in our single-dom. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. I guess I will just sit here and be alone or whatever because that’s kind of just what I do.

LuLz 4evr alone

When I was small and in High School (IDK why I capitalize that all the time), lots of my friends were busy having girlfriends, so I thought I needed one. You know, because everyone was doing it. Since I was a smooth talker (LOL JUST KIDDING), I managed to wrangle me up some ladies. That’s right, LADIES.

Since I wasn’t out in HS or anything, I thought I had to have girlfriends. Mostly I just like being with girls because we could hold hands and do cuddles under trees and I could comb their hair. I was that kind of BF. Also, I ended up telling them that I was “different.” First, I said I was bi and then I just said OH SKREW IT I AM A HOMO and then everyone was all DUH WE KNEW. LoLz

I guess what I am trying to get at is that I think the vast majority are sold this tall tale that we HAVE to be with someone. That we have to be in love and all this other garbage. Well, it’s not garbage, I guess. If that’s what you want to do and junk, work it out. I am just saying that some people like to be alone. Not everyone wants to be with someone and we really shouldn’t be looked at like we have a third eye just because we enjoy being alone.

Close enough

Now for the QOTD. Since we are talking about being single, I want to know what things are best done when alone. Like when I play dress up with Moo or eat an entire pint of ice cream by myself (because I hate sharing).

~ Delicious sadness ~

These can also be things that you enjoy doing by yourself and think that it would be weird if someone were there with you. Like this:

Sobbing with a partner; not so much fun.

So there you have it. Feel free to share all the things that you enjoy about being single and stuff. Tell us what you like doing alone. After all, we are all friends on the internet.

What things do you like doing by yourself?