Question of the Day: Fancy Things & 4 Positives by Laura Cheshire

How do, Land of Buzz? If you are fairing as well as I, then everything is awesome because of coffee and Tina Turner (click that to see/hear how amazing Tina Turner is). I am not sure exactly how I ended up thinking about Beyond Thunderdome this morning, but I am and IDGAF. Behold the splendor that Tina Turner in chain mail and her bad ass shoulder pads:


So anymews, I am in rather fair spirits this morning. It happens. When it does, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t, EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY. What I guess I am trying to get, other than the Question of the Day, is that when you get the chance to be happy, YOU RUN WITH IT & DON’T LOOK BACK.

LuLz just like that

Let’s talk about questions and Laura Cheshire. If you don’t know who she is,

BOO (I’m not saying the rest because I am a GENTLEMAN)

She’s doing this rather awesome project called A List of Things I Fancy Doing and you should probz go and check it out because it’s full of fancy stuff.


And so today, your task is to name 4 positive things about today. I know today isn’t over yet, but that’s okay. If you create 4 positive goals, this will help you achieve them. We need more positive around here. Not all the time because that’s weird, but sometimes. JUST GO WITH IT, OKAY?

So, can you name 4 positive things about today? What positive things do you want to happen today? You can do it. I believe in you. Are you ready? GO!

Can you name 4 positive things about today?