Question of the Day: Call Me Old Fashioned

Happy Hermp Day, Berznert!

Ermahgerd! Wernesday!

What’s going on, my peeps? There really isn’t much going on over yonder except me bringing you the finest in baby duck gifs, as you have just seen. I am also pleased to bring to you a Question of the Day that is inspired by the #CallMeOldFashioned tag on Twitter.

Mostly I just want to tell you all how I don’t hold doors open for people and how I always try to close the elevator doors when I am going up and see people walking slowly to the lift. My basic thought process is this:

Is someone’s arm broken? Are they infirm? Broken in another way? Advanced in age? Carrying a bunch of crap? No? Then they can open the door themself.

Are they milling slowly to the lift? Not in any hurry? On their phone updating their status? Then they can take the next one up.

If I see someone carrying a lot of crap or they are aged more than myself, etc, I will open doors. If they are trying to run to the elevator, I’ll hold the doors open and wait for them. Don’t do that I AM WALKING SLOWLY shuffle and expect me to wait. No.

I am pretty sure I have talked about stuff like this before. Mostly it’s when people do things that I don’t ask them to. IDK why but stuff like that bothers me. I know they are trying to be courteous but just no. Go ahead and do your thing. I know how to open a door and I most certainly can wait for another lift to carry my lazy self up to where I need to go.

Back to old fashion-y stuff. Are there any things that you consider old fashioned that you still do? Like let’s talk about how when some people say something (promises, future fulfillments, etc) and then they don’t stay true to their word.

If I tell you I am going to be somewhere at some time or I say I am going to do something for you, it’s going to get done. You will get a stern look from me if you do not do what you say you are. I am pretty true to my word. I have, however, met plenty that are not and it boggles my mind how that happens.

That seems pretty old fashioned to me. What else can you think of? Are there any things that you do that you consider old fashioned? Are there any things that you wish that people would still do but don’t? TELL ME EVERYTHING. Are you ready? GO!

What makes you old fashioned?