Question of the Day: What Books Did You Grow Up With?

Oh books. There is something about them that the digital age cannot replicate. It’s mostly the way an old book smells and how it feels to turn a page. Sadly, we have to kill many trees to make a book, and probably that is not good for the earth. Why can’t books be made out of dreams? What am I even talking about? IDEK.

Coming to work today was a hoot because one of the trending topics on Twitters was #BooksIGrewUpWith. That’s rather refreshing. It was also fun looking at the iOS 6 trending topic because everyone is all mad about “map-gate.” I don’t even care because I don’t really use maps for traffic because of bike reaons. Anymews, BOOKS!

I didn’t grow up with this book. I wish I did. Poop 🙁


I am kind of jealous of the books kids have now. I wish I could’ve read books about poo and ghey penguins when I was small. I probably wouldn’t be so weird if I did. Instead, I looked for books that spoke to soul and wound up finding stuff by Poppy Z. Brite and Brian Jacques. If you know those two authors, then you pretty much know my soul. All my thoughts, at some point in the day, end up relating to the themes in their books. Which is weird, I guess, but hey, I WAS BORN THIS WAY.

So those are the books that I grew up with. What about you? Are you an avid reader? I am not, sadly. I just can’t and that’s probably why my head is full of dumb. I try to read, though, trust me. It just takes a while and stuff. Some people can read, others, not so much. It happens. Such is life.

What books did you grow up with?