Plug Into Music: What Makes A Good Song?

Once again I went to a show last week and a question popped into my head. I had this moment while i was of course rocking out to one of my favorite songs. The question was, “What makes a good song?”

I started debating this more and more in my head as the show went on. It wasn’t until I was back in my hotel room laying on a chair when i got the answer. It was of course while I was listening to The Killers new album (SO GOOD).

For me, a good song is one that stirs a feeling deep inside. A feeling that you can’t quite describe but it feels different.It almost sucks the life out of you. It’s not one that has the biggest, loudest chorus or the biggest variety of of instuments. It’s the one that is almost laid back and unexpected from the artist or band. In most cases it’s going back to old roots.

Today, music is all about how many instruments we can fit into one track or how ill we can make the vocals. For many, the question would easily be answered by how commerical it is. That’s not how you determined if it’s a good song. A lot of artist are all about pleasing the fans and almost forget where they started and the spark that got them where they are today. Young music fans need to be reminded that just because it’s trendy on the radio, doesn’t mean it’s a good song.

Music Talks: What Do You Think Makes A Good Song?

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