A PHOTO TOUR OF OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND and some very cool things about it : )

Oyster Bay is on the North Shore of Long Island and it’s quite an historical town. Founded in the 1600’s by the Dutch it has a lot of different type of architecture. I was there last Wednesday to see if I could find the area where the movie “NOAH” is being filmed but sadly I got kind of lost in the maze that makes up the town. There is residental homes along with many businesses and industry. The streets there are very confusing since when I was there in the early spring I went to a different area and before that I hadn’t been in that town for at least 40 years. It was an interesting trip though since I found things to take photos of and some interesting stories to tell : )

The old train station, I believe it’s still in use : )

This is a Railroad Museum that I had no idea was there until I got kind of lost, well not really but I could see lot’s of old trains in there someday we’ll visit 😀

Now this was one of my big surprises it’s the singer Billy Joel’s motorcycle museum. He opened this shop over a year ago in Oyster Bay not as a store to sell motorcycles but a place to store all his bikes I think he has around 60. Billy is a big part of Long Island he grew up not far from this town and it’s still very much home to him. He’s a big fisherman and has boats in the area. It’s even more funny because when I was growing up I hung out in some places that he hung out in but of course he is a bit younger than me and wasn’t famous at the time 😀

Some of the pretty buildings on the main streets. You might notice the sign on the right that says Sagamore National Historic Site, that’s where our 26th President Theodore Roosevelt lived from 1885 to 1919 when he died on January 6th 1919 at the age of 60. He’s buried in the cemetery right there. It’s a beautiful estate I’ve been in the house many times but right now the house is closed to the public for very needed renovations. Here is a statue of him on one of the corners in the town : )

I went down by the Oyster Bay Yacht Club and it was a beautiful day and the water was so blue : )

And some sailboats waiting to get put in the water 😀

And where there is beauty there has to be some uglyness : (

And a photo I took months ago where some of this oil arrives it was at low tide !!!!

Now back to some pretty photos of the town : )

This one is the only one I photoshopped because I was driving while getting the photo of The Chocolate Lady Shop 😀

Top of the building 😀

Bottom of the building 😀

Girl walking from that place trying to balance her ice cream cone and purse 😀

Now for the funny story about Oyster Bay that happened on Saturday I think I told you at the beginning that the new movie “NOAH” was being filmed in Oyster Bay starring Russell Crowe in the titled part well he had to sort of be rescued when he and a friend got totally lost while kayaking in Huntington Bay. It turns out they were 10 miles away from where they started out in Cold Spring Harbor where they took the kayak out from. This is where that is 😀

I took those two photos in the spring. So anyway the Russell Crowe adventure has been on the news everywhere here. I think we need to chip in and buy NOAH a working compass 😀

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing a part of this town I’m sure I’ll have more one day in the future 😀