Personal Diary Entry: Blue Moon Power

photo nat sin

Im sitting in a hotel in CA in my underwear expected to be dressed and picked up by a car service in less then an hour. I read about the blue moon and astrology while in the bath tub last night and ordered room service in bed. This is the first time I have had a few minutes to myself in weeks. Im on power over drive in the strangest way. So many projects and work stuff going on it’s hard to keep my head straight. Im not complaining by any means, just trying to stay grounded in the crazyness! I fly home on a red eye Monday night and have 24 hours to unpack, repack, get accupuncture, run errands and get to Fashion Week in NYC. Im going to go drink lemon water in the shower, listen to Robyn, and attempt to be photo resntable in 30 minutes! I will touch base in NYC next week.

words of wisdom. Think evolve or evaporate, stay stuck and end up being fuqed, don’t bother trying to impress/woo/negotiate with dinosaurs and clueless