Personal Diary: Blank Page

Im sitting at my desk in my office for the first time in a month! It’s kinda a strange feeling honestly. Im so use to being on the go, It feels kinda off but relaxing at the same time. I get to be home fore few days then a few weeks which is nice. So many changes have happened in the past month for the better. Im feeling the most renewed and fresh I have ever, kinda like the future is mine without anything holding me back anymore. I can be the person I want to be and have everything I put my name on run with the intregrity and standards I live by.

Everything happends at the right time for the right reason. Don’t let people abuse, beat down and manipulate you. Sometimes it’s easier said then done, and sometimes it happends without you even knowing it. Be aware at all times. I feel like im at this stage where im ready for a big change, maybe hair color/ style? Im in the rebranding mental mode. Bigger, better, newer.

I haven’t slept in two day due to travel/work schedual. I plan on ordering Indian take out, doing a facemask and soaking in the bath before passing out.

The Universe is yours, it’s expanisve and here to serve you. If things are not working out, your not feeling respected and not being pushed to your full potential make a much needed change. I had no free time for the Stickam chat while in LA. There WILL be one this week, promise.