Owl City At Irving Plaza 9.11.12

I’ve wanted to see Owl City live for about two years. I finally got the chance last night, as a birthday present to myself. Greatest present ever! Adam Young’s stage presence is enchanting. I can see how Taylor Swift would be wonderstruck around him.

Whenever I listen to Owl City, I’m usually transported into a world not my own, which is why I fell in love with his music in the first place two years ago. For an hour and a half, I wasn’t burdened by anything. Well, except when someone behind me almost kicked me in the kidney (seriously people, READ THIS) but other than that, last night was absolutely perfect.

There were these two guys in front of me. They must of been about 14 or 15. They were doing the weirdest dances I’ve ever seen in my life but it was the funniest thing ever. They were having so much fun. After the show, I heard them tell their dad “THAT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!” I love hearing that; people who come to a show for the music. Not to stand there and get wasted. Those kids warmed my heart.

The first 10 photos are mine. I’m sorry these pictures aren’t “professional” quality but I am in no way a professional nor do I have any phenomenal photo taking skills. I was kinda far back and I zoomed in as much as I could on my Blackberry. However, the next 11 shots were taken by Nichole Del Toro. Not gonna lie, I kiiiinda fangirled over how close she got. Hahah! Enjoy! 😛