“Outfit of the Day” Oopsies.

Hey guys! Just to give a quick note on my lack of updating my Outfit of the Day gallery:

My dad headed down to Mexico and asked to borrow my camera for the week he down there. Well, because of my luck, he dropped and broke it! Ugh! Thankfully, his company was able to buy me a new one, so the gallery will be updated in a few! So happy I have a camera back, it was making me so mad not being able to put my outfits on here… hehe.

Hope everyone has had a great week… T.G.I.F!! What are everyone’s plan for the weekend?

Tonight, my dad comes home from Mexico, and we are going to watch one of our family favourite show, Shark Tank. Tomorrow, my friend Erin and I are heading to Grapevine to do a little retail therapy… hehe. Then, I’ve got majour studying to do and Breaking Amish on Sunday! Woo woo! Everyone have a wonderful, safe weekend!