One Way Ticket To Nowhere

Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. with my posting the past few days.. Friday morning I flew out to the Hamptons to spend some time with my boy and to RELAX.. feels nice to have a few days off.. tomorrow I am driving into the city.. I’m so excited to shoot with Kiley Kouture and to host a party for Fashion’s Night Out. if you live in NYC you should come to my party I’m hosting with Backstage Clothing.. there’s free admission.. I posted the flyer before this post, so check it out.

tomorrow I’ll have a whole day of freedom in the city.. no work.. no obligations.. I’m taking the day to shop around the city.. I miss my favorite spots like Top Shop, Patricia Fields and St.Marks. I’m also meeting up with my friend Stella for dinner.. my dad is flying into New York as well so I might see him for late night tea or desert. The city is full of surprise and I’m excited to see what it has to offer this time around. I always get inspired when i’m in New York. I don’t know what it is but I find it refreshing. Ivey is flying out wednesday… can’t be in the big apple without my partner in crime! ha ha

Can you believe summer is over? How is it September already? Now I’m 24? This year flew right by.. before I know it I will be blinking my eyes and it will be new years.. 2013.. have to enjoy every moment.. every detail.. you get one life to live and I choose to live it happy.. on the edge.. with a bit of chaos.. and a lot of fun.. no regrets..