NYFW: Google Smartphone Eyeglasses…Chic Or Too Geek?

Now that New York Fashion has come to halt, *tear*, let’s recap some of the silliest (and expensive) fashion items you can buy very soon! Earlier this week, models roamed the Spring/Summer 2013 Diane Von Furstenbergshow in some modest, colorful clothing but with a very hi-tech accessory. It’s unlike DVF to do anything out of its wrap/print realm, so it’s definitely eye-catching (no pun intended here).

Thanks to Google, yes the company that has dominated all internet browsers is the inventor of this eye piece. Dubbed the name, “Google Glass,” this eyewear enables the wearer to look through what would be a smartphone. Think of it like an upgraded version of bluetooth, except it’s for your eye instead of ear! It even caught Sarah Jessica Parker’s attention.

But, wait a minute, as hi-tech as it is, you’ll have to shell out $1,500 for a piece like this! Release date would be early 2013.

What do you say, would YOU consider buying this ‘smartphone for your eye?’