Nick Jonas Turns 20: Buzznet Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy 20th Birthday Nick Jonas!!

It’s September 16th, which means Nick, the youngest of the muscial Jonas trio, turns 20 today!

Although Nick is no longer a teen, we’re very sure he made good use of his younger years. How’s being an international pop star, having a couple number one records, a starring role on Broadway, starting a charity and most recently having a reality show, at just 20!? And we’re pretty impressed and pretty excited that Nick J and the the older JoBros Joe and Kevin are making new music and will be taking their show back on the road in next year.

Until then, let’s celebrate Nick’s birthday in true Buzznet fashion: GIF PARTY!!

Oohhh I get it now…so THAT’S how he’s fit so much into 20 years!!

Rock on Nick J!!

Will you be checking out the Jonas Bros on tour next year?