Music Pills [Week #5]

Another week has gone but music world didn’t stop to reveal amazing, curious, bizarre news…

Check out 3 highlights I chose for you this week:

All five of the Backstreet Boys – that’s Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and the prodigal son Kevin Richardson — who has returned to the fold — performed for the first time in a looong time on the ‘Good Morning America’ stage in Central Park on Aug. 31. What a way to close out a summer of incredible Friday AM concerts than with the B to the S to the B.

Kev commented on his return, saying that he follows his heart and his gut and that “my heart said ‘Now is the time.’ It just felt right. I feel inspired to make music again with these guys. When I left, it had nothing to do with our relationship. It had to do with me needing to be inspired so I had to step away for a while.”

Richardson also said, “2013 is going to be a big year for us. It’s our 20th anniversary. We’re in the studio right now working on an album. So we are gonna have that ready, hopefully, for the beginning of next year.”

McClean said, “There will be a BSB cruise next year, in October, with all five.” That’s enough reason to make you squeal.


Geri Halliwell has opened up about her romance with Russell Brand for the first time.

The Spice Girl described her fling with the comedian, who she met during preparation for the Olympics Closing Ceremony, as a “whirlwind” love.

However, it seems Brand is a long way off becoming a permanent fixture in Halliwell’s life.

Speaking to the Metro, Halliwell, 40, said: “Yes. It’s been a whirlwind.

“All I want is to be in a loving relationship. Is he my ideal man? I’m choosy. I want someone who’s trustworthy, sweet and kind.”


Rihanna and Coldplay will perform together during the Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

The two acts will play their Princess Of China collaboration at the event, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford on 9 September 2012.

Rihanna will also perform a few of her songs solo.

The Closing Ceremony has been titled the Festival Of Flame, and will be based around the theme of the elements – earth, wind, water, fire and ice.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin said of the event: “Being asked to play at the closing celebrations for the Paralympic athletes in London is such a great honour for us. Kim Gavin and Misty Buckley are working hard to put on a spectacular Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony for the athletes and spectators in the stadium, and everyone watching around the world, and we are so happy to be involved.”

On the same day as the Closing Ceremony, musicians across the UK will take to bandstands to perform Coldplay’s track Viva La Vida at 2pm as part of a nationwide Bandstand Marathon.

The Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games was based on the Enlightment. It was directed by Stephen Daldry and featured appearances from Sir Ian McKellen and Dr Stephen Hawking.

According to The Guardian, over 10.9million people tuned in to watch the event when it aired live on Channel 4 on 29 August 2012.

Did you expect one of this highlight?

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