Music Monday: Something Corporate.

Ok guys, yes I know it’s Tuesday, but my body was aching so much last night that I didn’t even have the energy to come up with words. After 15 hours of sleep, medicine, and hot tea, I am officially able to look and feel socially acceptable, haha.

Artist of the Week: Something Corporate.

Feeling like total sh*t, I needed a boy band to soothe me. There’s just something about men’s voices that makes a feel a whole lot better, and that’s why Something Corporate is my boy band of the week. I found out about this band when I heard they had a song titles Ruthless, and of course I had to take a listen at it, considering I can take on the trait of being a bit ruthless myself. I really just feel in love with the lyrics, the violins and pianos, and the overall meaning of the song. It was definitely something I wasn’t expecting at all. Hell, I fell in with it enough the convince myself the buy a Jac Vanek “RUTHLESS” bracelet.

One of the songs I really love specifically is their song “Watch The Sky” off of their album the album North:

Doesn’t it just explain how you feel on a every day-to-day basis? Mhm, I love ’em.

If you ever actually take a chance to listen to this band, it will become a new favourite of yours. You never know until you try…