Music Monday: Mumford and Sons.

Considering their new album is released today, I wanted to do a little segment on their music and share with the world my thoughts.

Artist of the Week: Mumford and Sons.

I found out about Mumford and Sons about three years ago, basically before anyone else new about them. Listening to their music on Youtube, then their album released then EVERYBODY basically fell in love with them when one of their songs was played on the radio. It’s obvious why they did.

Mumford and Sons just makes your soul a little warmer, and gives you this feeling you can’t seem to escape. From their most famous songs “The Cave” and “Little Lion Man,” to their more emotional songs like “Sigh No More” and “Thistle and Weeds,” their album is a mix of everything.

One song that is my all time favourite is “Winter Winds”: And as per usual, they sound so much better live than studio recording.

Everyone knows who this band is, so be sure to buy their new album HERE!