Music Monday: Daughter.

Can’t believe it’s already Monday… Happy Labor Day everybody, but today also means another Music Monday blog.

Artist of the Week: Daughter.

The love I have for this band is unreal. Elena Tonra has one of those voices that can ease your mind of your worries and pains. Her lyrics set heavy on your mind, saying everything you’ve always wanted in such a haunting way. Her voice makes your soul cringe with glory, while the background music sets any environment or situation serene. It’s impossible not to feel stripped of your negative emotions while listening to this band.

As I mentioned, her lyrics set so heavy on you. On song inparticular is “Landill.”

Throw me in the landfill

Don’t think about the consequences

Throw me in the dirt pit

Don’t think about the choices that you make

Throw me in the water Don’t think about the splash I will create

Leave me at the altar

Knowing all the things you just escaped

It’s disgusting because:

I want you so much, but I hate your guts”

You see what I mean? Her lyrics just make your heart cry with the joy of expressing what you’ve needed to.

Listen to Daughter and you won’t regret. I promise.