Is the Mail-Out Newsletter Back In Style?

Over the weekend, I recived a newsletter in the mail from my CPA, who is from an older generation. The only mail-out newsletters I still get are from my CPA and from my summer camp (ha!). What I thought was interesting was that I actually opened the envelope, saw it was a newsletter, and continued to open it and read. I found this interesting because I know if he had sent it via email – I most likely would have pressed delete as I get way too much junk email everyday. I found the content in his newsletter to be informative and interesting – and it was a full 3 pages. I even saved the newsletter in my CPA files. This blog is simply food for thought but what do you think? Is the mail-out newsletter coming back in style? Has email become so over-crowded that sending things via regular mail is beneficial? Are we cycling back to regular mail?

I’d love your thoughts!