The Magic Of Internet

Preamble: I always thought that my blog here on Buzznet was read by such a lot of people and only the one who are signed here, but also worldwide before to rend it private.

I always thought someway that people loved what I write and what I share because of all the views and the comments on my posts… but definitely I will never ever imagined to be so inspiring for the people…

Yesterday, after have dinner I found the message below in my YouTube account mail box.

Usually on YouTube many people sends spam messages or stupid stuff over sharing fanmade videos or covers… and I don’t pay attention to spam messages and I delete them immediately.

But yesterday I found this really long message and I almost cried because the words were really really sweet from an unknown girl that said to follow me for such a long time and only now that my Buzznet profile is private she was brave to write to me this adorable words.

It was really unexpected and this message really touched my heart.

I never ever imagined to have fans, I mean I’m not famous, I’m just a simple girl!

I hope you spend few minutes for to read this message, it definitely is one of the best things happened to me in my whole life.

I know you don’t know me, but I hope you don’t mind me messaging you what I’m about to confess. Here I go =D Okay, I’ve been following your Buzznet ever since December of 2010. There hasn’t been a post you made that I haven’t read. All of your blogs bring me hope, happiness, inspiration, and determination. When I read your blogs, I feel more strength =) You don’t know how much I think back on your blogs when people at school pick on me because I’m different. I just simply say this to myself: “I should look them in a bad way because they are the same people cloned in million ones”. Do you know who said that? 😉 You did, Mimi <3 Seriously…I’m kind of a fan of you…I know I sound like a creepy stalker -.- lol My name is Amber, just so you know. I’m from America (Raleigh, North Carolina), I’m African-American, I have long brown hair, and I’m 18 years old 😉 I really hope you don’t mind me messaging this to you…it’s just…I’m such a fan of your Buzznet, and I’m tired of living in the darkness, never speaking to you. Plus, you’re Buzznet is now private, and I can’t see you =( I don’t have a Buzznet, so there’s no way on Earth I could write you this! Only by your YouTube channel, I could write this, because I watched all of your Britney Spears, Tokio Hotel, Nicki Minaj, and Within Temptations videos. Speaking of Britney Spears, I have never been a big fan of her until I came across you =D lol Seriously! Before, I used to be like: “Yeah…Britney’s cool, I guess”….but now, I’m like: “OMG, IT’S BRITNEY, YOU BITCHES!!!!” lol XD I’m soooo sorry if I’m coming off as crazy >.< I just really admire you! I’m so nervous right now, I’m shaking! You are like a mini celebrity to me ^_^ hehe I hope you don’t hate me haha. It’s my first time exposing myself. I’ve been in the shadows for so long. I’m a secret admirer I guess… but I don’t want to be with you lol. I’m just that shy person who just enjoyed reading your posts, who never had a backbone to tell you until now =) Like, when I’m home from school, I would go on your Buzznet, and read all of your blogs like they were a TV show. I would sit down at my computer, take out my snacks, and enjoy reading your posts xP …I know…I’m a loser >.> Haha. Oh yeah, I think you are VERY beautiful, and I think Bill is a LUCKY one to be with someone like you<3 Your look is unique, fun, bold, sexy, and just amazing!!! You have killer style. You ARE yourself!!! I’m not just saying this!!!! If I wasn’t such a punk-bitch in the past, I would have been wrote this to you on your Buzznet! So, that’s all I have to say…or type ^_^ I completely understand if you think I’m creepy, stupid, crazy, stalker, or whatever 😛 You don’t even have to reply back to me. I just wanted you to know that I exist. You may not think this, but you do have the power to give other people the strength to be themselves. You are a complete stranger to me, but yet, you have touched my heart more than anybody else. Even the people I personally know has never done this to me…wow. Oh, and by the way…this is not my YouTube channel…it’s my sister’s. I don’t have a YT channel…I know, I don’t have ANYTHING…no Buzznet, no YouTube channel….lol!!!! Wow, I feel better now that this is off my chest =D Thank you for taking the time to read this! Bye-Bye. -Amber

Have you ever received a kind of message like this one?