Who Made Ryan Gosling Cry?

He may play some really tough characters in his movies, like his driver character in Drive, but even Ryan Gosling is capable of having a good cry! It’s hard to think of Ry-Gos as anything but strong and tough, but alas, our real-life superhero also has human emotions (um, swoon!). In an interview with Moveline at the Toronto Film Festival, Ry-Gos admitted to shedding some tears during the filming of his upcoming movie, Place Beyond the Pines.

“I didn’t know that that was going to happen,” Ryan reveals. “I was just sitting in the church watching the baby be baptized, and I don’t know why I was emotional but I was.”

So who made our beloved Ry-Gos cry? None other than his infant son in the movie!

“The kid that Derek [Cianfrance] cast, who plays my son as an infant — his name is Tony Pizza. It’s hard not to like a guy named Tony Pizza, Anthony Pizza Jr.,” Ryan spills. “So, I just liked that guy, and we really hit it off.”

How adorable!

Which Ryan Gosling character is your all-time favorite?