“Lost At Sea” With Abbey Dawn’s Spring 2013 Line

As I said in my past posts, I have been running around everywhere attending amazing fashion shows and events for Fashion Week! I recently attended Avril Lavigne’s “Lost At Sea” runway show for her line Abbey Dawn! I was lucky enough to sit front row for all the action and had the chance to get the inside scoop from Avril herself about the line, her favorite thing about fashion week and her advice for aspiring fashion designers.

Here is the Buzznet Exclusive Interview I did with Avril below!

Audrey Kitching: What are the biggest things you take into consideration when going into the design process?

Avril Lavigne: I think it’s important to follow the trends in fashion but then I always rock it out more! I make sure my designs are super flattering and are good quality.

AK: What does your line say about your personality? What kind of girl are you designing for?

AL: My line is wild and crazy and free. It’s for the girl who likes to express herself and have fun with fashion.

AK: What is your favorite thing about fashion week?

AL: It’s an exciting week for anyone who is involved in fashion. It’s a huge deal for me to have a show and I am super stoked about being able to showcase my line again this year!

AK: Do you get nervous for Abbey Dawn fashion shows? Do you have any rituals you go through before models hit the runway?

AL: I always check the models before they go onstage. I go over their outfits and make sure they have enough accessories on and make sure their hair and makeup is amazing. If there are any changes I make them. And no nerves for the show, as long as I dont wipe out in front of everyone Im all good!

AK: What is your advice for aspiring fashion designers?

AL: It’s important for us all to have dreams and goals and to follow our hearts. If you really want something you have to find ways to make it happen.

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Check out the gallery of her amazing rock inspired edgy fashion line, and let me know what look is YOUR favorite!