Lola’s 5 Scariest Horror Movie Scenes!

Yes. I’m a little obsessed with horror movies. The fact that so many of them are bad is exactly the point: finding a truly scary movie is like finding the holy grail. There are more out there than one might imagine, though, and these five scenes in particular were truly terrifying to me. Watch them – or, better yet, watch the actual movies – and shiver!!:

———————-5.) The Orphanage (El Orfanato): the game sceneI almost couldn’t even watch this part. On the one hand, she’s playing a harmless game to get the attention of a bunch of kids, but on the other hand, they’re, you know, dead. And they’re multiplying! Why would you ever want to conjure up dead multiplying kids?!

4.) The Descent: the claustrophobic sceneThough this scene does not convey the actual horror elements that are in this movie, which happen soon after, ultimately I settled on this gem because the danger here feels very, very real and very, very scary. By the end of the movie, small spaces are the least of their worries, but I found myself hardly able to breathe during this scene. Currently reconsidering my spelunking plans.

3.) Ringu: the TV sceneI must say I find this original Japanese TV scene a lot more effective than the American remake (The Ring). As if a videotape that somehow kills you when you watch it isn’t unnerving enough, they then break the comfort and separation of the TV screen with that god-awful hair monster. Kill it!

(On the topic of horror movies about movies, there is one coming out very soon that I’m getting all giddy about. It’s called Sinister, and it’s about a guy (Ethan Hawke) who finds old footage in his new home that creates a whole lot of terrifying problems. Check out the trailer below!)

Okay back to the list we go.

2.) The Shining: the baseball bat scenePicture this: You’ve just discovered evidence that your loving husband has definitely and thoroughly gone batshit crazy, and then he walks in the room. And then he slowly follows you around said room while saying a bunch of scary nutso shit, and then he tells you he’s going to bash your head in. No big deal. I chose this instead of the ax scene because, for me, moments of realization are the scariest moments of all.

1.) Funny Games: the realization sceneSpeaking of moments of realization! I was actually initially looking for a clip of a scene from the end of this movie, when as a viewer you’ve begun to construct a framework of hope that is instantly shattered, heart-sinkingly, with the rolling a single golf ball. I couldn’t find that one online, but this one rivals it because this is the when the family begins to understand that these guys do NOT plan on leaving, and something very terrible is about to happen. Even though the unwelcome guests just broke Tim Roth’s leg, they act like everything is fine, and in this quiet calmness is something far scarier than the shriekiest music and the biggest boo moments. This movie rules.

What movie scenes do you think are the scariest ever??