SPANX Spring 2013 + The Celebrities Who Rock Them!

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, Spanx are a girl’s best friend. After visiting the Spanx Spring Collection debut at The Empire Hotel during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Buzznet is totally sold! The crew at Spanx gave us a full presentation of their upcoming products and collections. Our favorite was definitely Assets, a lighter weight, slightly more affordable line of Spanx that come in super cute patterns and designs. Some of the Assets products, like their lacey or leopard printed slips, are even wearable on their own! Buzznet and other visitors walked away with a goodie bag of products from tights to slips! After trying these great products that tuck you in and give you the perfect silhouette, we totally understand why so many celebs are all about SPANX! Check out the gallery of products and celebs who love to get Spanx’d!