Lauren Berger: This Or That Questions

This week Buzznet asked me some fun “this or that” questions! I had a blast filling these out, and you can see all my answers below! Who’s CD do you want, Green Day or No Doubt?

Do you want the new Green Day album OR the new No Doubt Album?

Hmmm… I’m a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and think she’s a great role model and business woman… BUT Green Day was one of my first CDs ever so I do have a special place for them in my heart! I’d go with Green Day!

Old school pop music OR the current pop stars?

Pretty much anything Backstreet Boys or N’Sync for life 🙂 Although, I do have a thing for One Direction! Instagram OR Twitter?

Twitter Wins – I love Twitter. Instagram is getting more addicting by the day!

Texting OR talking on the phone?

Talking on the phone. Nothing like a good ‘ol phone call!

Buying CDs OR listening online?

Listening online.

Group dates OR single dates?

Mmmmm…..a good mix of both! (Is that answer allowed?)

Halloween OR Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving – family time like this only comes once a year. I’m in LA, my brother is in NYC, and my parents are in FL – it’s nice to have everyone home and under one roof.

Summer OR Winter Fashion?

Probably Winter. There’s nothing like shopping for coats and fall boots.