LA’s Birthday Surprise, Please Don’t Say Adele & More On The X Factor Episode 3

Finally I had a bit of time to watch the two episodes of last week and I have to say that also this time didn’t miss to laugh, to cry, to moving and to be impressed by some talents.

Kansas City, MO

Few radios announce X Factor auditions is in the city while in Britney’s hotel room she tells LA and Demi that Simon is sick and he can’t to be there for the audition: Louis Walsh will be the guest judge for today (for who doesn’t know he is the producer of Boyzone and Westlife and also judges of X Factor UK since 2004).

When LA left Brit’s room, Demi informs her today is LA’s birthday and she thought that Britney could do something special for him and Brit accepts.

“It’s gonna be a fun day, I feel it” says LA in the backstage.

In the contestants room Cece Frey, 20 – mail clerk introduces herself to Rizzloe Jones, 18 – student.

She already acts like a diva and I definitely don’t like it, she treated him like a loser. This is bad!

“I’m so ready” Rizzloe says before to come on stage.

Everyone is so impressed about his confident also before to sing and his freestyle is absolutely awesome!

LA: Like your flow! It was really good!

Louis: Rizzloe Jones remember that name, you rock like a little popstar!

Britney: I think you are a young Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!

Demi. You totally surprised me!

4/4 YES!

His friends are so proud of him and CeCe doesn’t seem really happy Rizzloe got the audition.

“This audition means anything to me. I’ve waited my whole life for an opportunity like this” says CeCe.

“Do you believe in yourself?” asks Louis”

“Yes, absolutely”

She also thinks to be better than the others even though she didn’t follow the previous performances.

She performs on “Unchainted Melody” but Britney doesn’t seem impressed and tries to don’t figure it out.

“This is not the right song for her” says LA and I’m so agree with him! Simon stops her.

Demi: This is a little confusing cause you have leopard print on your face!

She wants a second chance singing “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera and this time she got it!

I don’t know why some people choose a song they can’t sing and they pretend to be great singer and then they want a chance to sing another one definitely better for their voice. Damn! Choose that as first one so you don’t make a bad impression!

Louis: CeCe I love ambitious people with talent. I think you are ambitious and talented.

Britney: I think you are a very talented little girl

LA: You have attitude and you have style and you have passion and ambitious and I think you have the X Factor sweety!

Demi: Your attitude is awesome!

4/4 YES!

In the backstage…

It’s time for LA’s surprise! A wonderful southern voice starts to sing: “Happy Birthday”, it’s Britney! There’s still anyone else who thinks she can’t sing?

Vino Alan, 39 – musician

“The stage is yours!” encourages LA.

He can has all his head covered by tattoos but he definitely has a great voice, really deep and in my opinion is one of the greatest voices I heard on X Factor.

LA: You have something of unique in your voice

Louis: I really like your version of “Trouble”, I think you have something of really interesting

Britney: I was inspired. You are very good!

Demi: There’s something of unique in your voice that I’ve never heard in this competition yet!

4/4 YES!

Time for a break… Louis is in the backstage and asks LA if he misses Simon: “not that much” replies him! Hahahaha XD

Deangelo Wallace, 19 – student

“Miss Disney princess Demi Lovato… she likes to talk a lot” oh oh oh

I think this contestant will not pass!

Let’s see!

Well… he chose “With You” by Chris Brown and after have shown his confident (pretty boring after a while) he definitely not has the X Factor and at some point the judges decide to walk off stage leaving the contestant to sing. Such ridiculous!

“We laughed, we had a good time but he’s serious!” tells LA.

Deangelo finishes the performance and walks off stage and literally left the builiding but he still is microphoned, luckily they caught him and he has been arrested but he was released in a few hours. He will not be going to bootcamp.

Tate Stevens, 37 – road worker

“You’re funny” says Demi and he really is. He’s so friendly and nice.

He has a great personality and a great voice. The typical you usually listen as background in movies while the protagonist was doing a travel in the car or in train and he’s thinking to his soulmate, you know what I mean?


Demi: You blowed me away with your voice!

Louis: You got an amazing and authentic country voice. We found a country star!

Britney: You are my favorite so far. I love you! Holy Cow, yes!

LA: You are really good man. You are a true country star!

4/4 YES!

LA is really glad about Tate, he found a real star!

San Francisco, CA

New city. New auditions. New talents.

Judges arrive inside the building less Simon. He is in late! Everybody’s thinking is still sick but he’s really good and ready to say what he thinks about the contestants.

Citizen, 21-25 – group

Why people scream when they say who they are? I mean they aren’t famous yet, it’s just a name!

Simon’s face speaks itself during their performance hahaha while Demi is smiling but it seems the audience loves them!

LA: great song choice (Don’t Let Go). I really like it!b

but Simon doesn’t seem to have the same opinion

Britney: You guys totally rocked up there! I loved the choreography!

Simon is always more shocked

Demi: I think you have really great voice

Simon: I didn’t get it! I’m gonna to say NO!

3/4 YES!

Obviously there aren’t always good performances…

It was like the six of you were waiting for the bus” says Simon to a boyband who tried to impress Demi with an a capella version of “Skyscraper”

“I wouldn’t play it at my funeral” Simon speaks about a song chose by a contestant.

Demi: So mean! Simon: Constructive!


No… No… No… Easy No… Simon’s back!

Adrianna Lemus, 14 – student

She’s going to perform “Rumor Has It” by Adele but Simon: “I hate that song!”

She doesn’t convince the judges, unluckily there are four no for her and she walks off on stage crying.

Diamond White, 14 – student; is the next contestant and she’s worried because Adrianna is crying.

Britney talks with her and when Diamond starts to say the song she’s going to sing, Simon says: “Please don’t say Adele!”

The little girl performs on “This Is A Men’s World”

Really deep voice for her age, really love her and the song too! If you didn’t know her age, you could suppose she’s older than 13!

LA: You are a diamond!

Demi: I think you have the X Factor, this is what we’re searching for

Britney: You are amazing

Simon: I think you are incredible! With that song you proved that it’s not a men’s world!

4/4 YES!

Austin, TX

Ally Brooke, 19 – student“My ultimate dream is to be as big as Beyonce” she says.

She has such an angelic voice but probably she’s so excited that she continues to sing also after the end of the background base hahaha

LA: you have a really special voice, I’m really impressed by you!

Demi: Your voice is blow me away

Britney: I actually was really surprise, I felt like you should be on Broadway!

Simon: I’ve the feeling to see a new star!

4/4 YES!

Brandon Hassan, 16 – student

He sings the same Vino’s song “Trouble” and in my opinion he sung it better thand Brandon but…

Britney: your voice is really bluesy and sexy. It’s incredible!

and he got 4/4 yes!

Normani Hamilton, 15 – student

“I lover her” says Simon while she’s singing and she got 4/4 yes!

LA: “See you on the next round!”

Sister C, 17-21 – group and also they got 4 yes!

Jeremiah & Josh, 22 – group

They sung an original song written by them

“Your voice is magical and I wish you could wake me up in the morning” says Britney.


“Singing! Singing!” and she puts the hands on her head.

*Camera on Jason*


Panda Ross, 42 – barista

I have to say she has the right name hahah

“Simon is my baby teddy” she explained “I’m here for him!”

HAHAHA this woman rocks

Simon: What’s your name?

“Panda like the bear”

Her performance rocks! She’s amazing!

LA: I can’t deny how good it was! You moved this room! I love you!

Demi: You’re such a character!

Britney: You are very charming and hilarious. You have a really good voice!

Simon: You sound like a legend! I absolutely love you!

4/4 YES!

But unfortunately Panda doesn’t feel good when she walks off on stage and she has been brought away with the ambulance.

Judges were informed and Simon exclaims: “Demi is infectious” because she embraced Panda after the performance in the backstage. BAD BAD SIMON!

Jessica Espinoza, 22 – unemployed

“I’m ready but I’m terrified”

She sings “Nobody Knows” by Pink

LA: you are really special!

Britney: You have such a strong voice and it’s really deep. I love it!

Demi: I honestly don’t even know where to start because you have a sparkle in your eyes that you only see in the people who have the X Factor

Simon: I didn’t like it… I LOVED IT! I love everything about you! My favorite audition so far today!

4/4 YES!

And with this young Pink the episode is finished, see ya tomorrow with a new X Factor episode!

Which is your favorite moment/performance of this episode?