Kristen Stewart And Jennifer Lawrence: Frenemies To Friends?

With previous talk of a rivalry between leading ladies Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, it seems that all chatter was just that – talk. The Twilight and Hunger Games starlet have turned from supposed frenemies to friends – and Emma Watson can vouch for that! The Perks of Being a Wallflower star revealed that she, Kristen and Jennifer were in town at the Toronto International Film Festival and decided to meet up for some tasty food and gabbing with the girls. The trio met up at Soho House in Toronto and are now all BFFs.

“It was really nice. There’s always rumors that actresses have so much rivalry and that we don’t get on or anything,” Emma said.

“We all just sat around eating food. We were all starving and just having a drink and just talking about how crazy it all is… They’re both lovely. They’re both super, super sweet.”

How adorable! We love that the three actresses are all good friends. Hopefully someone will get a photo of their next meetup!

Which celeb BFFs are your favorite?