Get To Know: MagicHour

I was going through a favorite music blog of mine and I came across MagicHour. I had no idea what to expect other than reading that it was classified as “synthpop.” Well what do ya know? That’s my favorite genre! After listening to the album, Remember Harder, I really don’t know what to classify MagicHour as. Its so different and breathtakingly original. Its a remarkable thing to come across music like that. This is the kind of stuff Lady Gaga should listen to while she’s getting dressed in the morning.

MagicHour is the current solo project of Colin Yark, formerly of Walter Meego. The debut album, Remember Harder was just released last month.

Take a listen to a few tracks below:

The Lives We Invent by MagicHour

So High by MagicHour

What do you think of MagicHour?