Keltie Colleen’s Favorite Covers In Pitch Perfect (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson is my new favorite person. I loved her when I saw her at the VMAs last week, and then I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s like a mix between Mean Girls and Bring it On, and a little like Clueless. But, for me, the stand out is Rebel Wilson’s character Fat Amy. Every single time Rebel is on the screen I was laughing out loud and snorting soda up my nose. It is THAT funny. Since I love singing (in the shower) and making vlogs and music I thought the best way to show you my excitement for this movie was to make a vlog of me singing a mashup I wrote of all the songs that the cast of Pitch Perfect sing. (warning: there are many of them!)

Please enjoy! xx

[brightcove id=1846000798001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

What are your favorite covers?