Jessi Jae Joplin’s Rewind To The 90s

What is your favorite movie and sitcom from the 90s?

90s TV is my FAVORITE kind of tv. Most of those shows are still my favorites today…like The Simpsons, Clarissa Explains It All, Daria, Freaks & Geeks, My So Called Life, Beevis & Butthead, etc. As far as movies go, my favorites are: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, The Craft, Kids, Welcome to the Dollhouse, and so many more!

Did you have a favorite boy band or celeb you were obsessed with back in the day?

N’Sync , The Spice Girls and S Club 7!My first big concert was actually N’Sync and it was life changing!

Did you play video games? If so what are your top 3?

I was REALLY into Sega Genesis. The Ren & Stimpy game was my favorite. I also had a game called Mary Kate & Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall which was pretty genius.

Any fashion trends that you wish would come back again?

They’ve already made a comeback and I LOVE it all…especially the Seattle, grunge stuff.

What is one song that you would say defines the 90s?

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! That was my anthem.