Jessi Jae Joplin: This Or That Questions

Buzznet recently interviewed me with some “This or That” questions! Check out what I had to say 🙂

Do you want the new Green Day album OR the new No Doubt Album?

No Doubt for sure! Gwen Stefani is one of my biggest influences and I am already obsessed with their new single “Settle Down”!

Old school pop music OR the current pop stars?

OLD SCHOOL! I would take The Spice Girls, Hanson, SClub7 and N’Sync over the current pop stars any day!

Instagram OR Twitter?

Instagram! I need visuals while I’m lurking what my friends are doing.

Texting OR talking on the phone?

Texting! I know it sounds horrible, but for some reason I always make phone conversations super awkward.

Buying CDs OR listening online?

Listening online only because it’s convenient. But I do love reading the artists’ “Thank You’s” and looking at the photos in the CD insert. I miss that.

Group dates OR single dates?

Single dates! It’s way more intimate.

Halloween OR Thanksgiving?

Halloween! It’s my most favorite holiday ever! Plus, I don’t really care for Thanksgiving food. I always have my mom make me something special.

Summer OR Winter Fashion?

Summer! I feel like when it gets too cold I stop caring about looking cute and just want to keep warm! But in the summer I can wear cute dresses and mini skirts 🙂

Check out my gallery for some fun photos from last Saturday night! I attended a lil get together at the fantasy land that is Casey’s house with my BFF Lucia Ribisi. We had so much fun hanging out with some of our most favorite people, including Madeline Pendleton (Jean Greige), Isabel, Larissa of Miracle Eye and many more lovely faces. Saturday success!