Jazmin Whitley On National Single’s Week

In honor of National Singles Week tell us what your ideal “treat yourself” solo date is!?

I think the ideal solo date for me would have to be a mani-pedi followed by a trip to Target and ending with a visit to my favorite little macaron shoppe in Old Town Pasadena!

What’s the worst date you have ever been on?

The worst date I have ever been on was about 3+ years ago with this random guy who asked me out, I had no idea who he was. We went for froyo and we sat outside the store just looking at each other. We had nothing to talk about, it was so lame. What is your biggest pet peeve that someone could do to you on a date?

Be cheap, I think it’s so tacky. Even my guy FRIENDS treat girls to things like ice cream or if we get fast food they don’t collect your $3 So I guess my biggest pet peeve is when guys don’t act like gentlemen. If you’re on a date he should be making you feel special.

Favorite present you bought yourself?

Recently it would have to be my Betsey Johnson peep toe heels. They are SO sexy.

If you had the chance to go on a trip anywhere in the world by yourself, where would you go and what would you do?

Hands down I would go to New York. I love it there and I feel like it’s so full of energy, it would be the perfect place to go if you had to be alone because you would never feel alone in NYC.

XOXO! Jazmin Whitley PS- smile if you’re single! Timing is everything, never force anything (: The right guy will just pop into your life when time time is right . “You’ll never find it, if you’re looking for it” – The Used