Interviewing Celebs At The VMAS!

I was so excited to be working as the music correspondant for THE INSIDER at the VMAs this year! I wanted to share these amazing behind the scenes photos and also 5 things I saw/loved at the VMAS.

#1- Watters CUSTOM made me my electric blue dress. CUSTOM. Like I was important. I was beyond flattered and honored, and I’m really excited about collabing on my wedding dress with them!

#2- PINK. NICEST human ever, she has the most incredible energy. Calm and loving, I couldn’t love her more.

#3- MILEY CYRUS. the haircut is perfection and her body is perfection. Brandi was there and we all chatted and Miley was so kind.

#4- I met the boys in The Wanted, but my favorite boys in Imagine Dragons win the award for best dudes ever. They came over and remembered my name from when I interviewed them.

#5- Demi Lovato performed right infront of the two layer press line (I was on the top) and the fire almost set the whole thing ON FIRE!

Enjoy these photos. This was a dream come true tonight for me. hard work hard work hard work. xx