Heavenly Voices & Baby Britneys On The X Factor Episode 6

Today the $5 million search come to end!

On the last episode in San Francisco we were waiting about what happened to Trevor, a 13 years old student.

After have danced and had fun in the backstage with another contestant he felt sick and fainted.

Doctors gave aid to him.

Simon is informed by a technician that Trevor felt ill and they have to pass on the next contestant.

Luckily Trevor felt better after a while, he was really scared about what happened but he want do the audition as well.

After recovering from a little dehydration he performs on “Sexy & I Know It” of LMFAO. Damn, he rocks on stage! He’s well than ever haha

I was thinking what about if he didn’t feel ill? He is great!

Simon: I’m not entirely sure that was age appropriate. But I think you will be remembered for these moves!

Demi: I’m DYING over here. You are so much fun to watch

Britney: I like you a lot. Completely adorable

LA: You rocked the house! Absolutely yes!

Four yeses for this YouTube dancing sensation!

Greensboro, NC

While the judges are waiting for new contestants, Demi writes something on a sheet of paper and then kiss it for to leave her lipstick sign and then says to a technician: “There’s a guy up there in a green shirt. Will you give this to him?” I think that guy will be the happiest on earth.

But come back to the auditions…

Owen Stuart, 16 – student

“I would move in New York and marry my girlfriend” he says.

He also tells to another contestant that he wrote a whole album for his girlfriend and once on stage tells that he was born in New York but then moved to Buffalo and he has been separated to his girlfriend, they only call every night at the phone for this reason he would like to win for to come back in NY.

He dedicates “Airplanes” by B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams to his girlfriend, Victoria, aka Tori.

He wows the judges with his singing and rapping and gets three yeses (Britney wasn’t wowed.)

Britney: It was a really good performance but you didn’t wowed me!

LA: It was really good. When someone raps on this stage it’s really tough because he has to compare with other singer but you also sung.

Demi: I think that every girl in this audience wished they were Tori right now because those lyrics were so romantic.

Simon: I really really liked you. Very focused and I think you can do better and better.

When Owen walks off stage call his girlfriend saying he did it for her!

Freddie Combs, 40 – minister

“In 2009 I almost died” he tells “I weighed 920 lbs”

He arrives onstage in a wheelchair due to his 540 lbs accompanied of his wife.

His emotional performance of “The Wind Beneath My Wings” earned him four yeses.

His voice is really angelic, so touching! I love how clear is it!

LA: My comments for you aren’t about sympathy but on your voice that is “heavenly”

Britney: I think your voice is shocking amazing!

Demi: You really have a strong beautiful voice and it’s really touching too.

Simon: When I started to hear you I had a vision in my mind to you stand singing to this song – he challenged him to get healthy enough to sing standing up next time instead of in his wheelchair.

Come back in San Francisco, CA

And it’s time to few bad auditions…

Simon: Years ago I sat on two cats and that’s what it sounded like! – he says to a female group. HAHAHA please XDDDD

Britney: Singing is definitely not your thing, sweety! – to a little girl!

NO…. NO…. NO…. NO….

LA: What’s going on?

And a contestant after have got 4 no walks off stage really angry, screaming tons of bad words and spitting on the camera. Keep calm, man!

Lauren Jauregui, 16 – student

“My family is the most important thing of my life” she says.

The Miami girl gets four yeses at her audition for her powerful performance of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

Simon: You really really suprised me. One of my favorite auditions.

LA: Oh my God! That husky round voice is so mature. It was perfect. Perfect audition!

Britney: You are so so good, sweety. It’s unbelievable!

Demi: You have something of really special! I’m really impressed!

Jordyn Foley, 12 – student.

“Pink is my signiture colour” she exclaims.

She comes on stage with pigtails and maybe for this hairstyle Simon says her:

“You are like Britney when she did Baby One More Time”

She performs on “Tomorrow” from Annie.

Simon: I hate this song! I absolutely hate it!

LA: I’ve never seen Simon speechless *laughing*

Simon is completly shocked hahaha

Demi: You are too cute. You just shine when you’re on stage!

Britney: I think you have an amazing voice, really beautiful.

LA: She’s a bundle of joy!

Those three said yes, Simon said no.

She caught up with a crowd of people from backstage: family and friends!

They also reach the judges, kissing and embracing them!

Mom: Thank you for saying yes!

Simon: I didn’t!

HAHAHA This is the best moment ever XDDD

Simon: What have you done? *when they walk off*


Auditions are finished and for the judges is time for some considerations…

LA: “It’s been a great audition tour”

Demi: “We’ve seen a lot of people”

Simon: “We had good days and bad days!”

Britney: “I had no idea what to expect. It was so lot of fun”

And in a rvm is shown the best and also the worst of these six episodes: future possible new talents, really bad contestants, funny moments in the backstage with the judges and more…

Next week we’re ready to be in boot camp in Miami and from the promo we see Britney crying… Oh sweety, I’m so curious for who she cried!

Stay tuned!

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Which is your favorite moment/performance of this last episode of auditions?