Heartblog: National Suicide Prevention Week

I was so inspired by seeing everyone pull together for National Suicide Prevention Week. Today the focus is on “Changing the Stigmas of Mental Health” and I felt like this was my day to post.

So, here it is, there is no wrong or right way to be depressed, there is no level we judge pain by, we just live it. It just is. There isn’t a haircut, or a gender, a favorite band or a age where we are able to look at another human and decide that their struggle matters. We all matter. We are all learning, and seeing some of those young wrists with the word LOVE written across them yesterday broke my heart. It hurts me so much to see young people, who have big beautiful lives ahead of them, feel like there is nothing left to live for. So, I wanted to take today to remind everyone. Life is worth it. I don’t know why, but I believe that eventually in the big tally of your life on this planet that the stars and the sunrises and that one epic song you could listen to forever will greatly outweigh the pain you feel. I know that with compassion, kindness and some work, the pain you feel today will be a story of triumph you tell later. That you will find friends who understand, a world where you belong and love. It might not be in your town, school or family. You might have to go out there and find it, but you will find it, because love is everywhere and it’s waiting to eat you up. If you are kind enough and wonderful enough to somehow have found little old me and this little blog, then I know that you are likeminded with the thousands of other people who will read this which says so much. You belong, if nothing else, to my army, and in my heart. I just believe that each of us deserve to give ourselves that chance to live. I get it, sometimes, you want to give up, but you can’t! You just cannot. You are so important to this story, and you are important to me.

Jamie Tworkowski wrote the most beautiful blog yesterday + you should all read it.

If you are struggling there is always help for you www.twloha.com and you can personally email me everyday of your life keltiecolleen@gmail.com, so we can talk it through.

A month ago To Write Love On Her Arms came to Los Angeles and made this video with me. I wanted to share it with you again.