Heartblog: A little update from me!

A little update from me!

It seems like it’s been a little while since we had a visit and I gave a full update. In between all the heartblogs and passive aggressive tweets I send out, I am sure you are all confused as to what exactly I am doing, and where you can talk to me. I’ve actually been insanely busy with an influx of emails from readers needing advice. I stayed up late late late last night writing everyone back. I’m sorry if it takes me a while…

So much has been going on. I spent some time with my Dad after he had a stroke last month, and I really turned off and just helped out at home. I’m happy to report that he is doing fine and making a great recovery. Go tell your parents that you love them. I also got to see a few of my best friends when I was home in Canada, my friend Katie and I became friends in grade one, and now, all these years later she is having a baby! I’m overjoyed to be auntie Keltie soon! Swoon + I set our wedding day, and I’ve picked out a dress and a photographer and have been scouring the goodwills in town looking for craft inspiration. I am really excited about the wedding, and I’m going to be blogging for Huffington Post throughout this entire year, talking about weddings and love and all of it! I practice my vows in my car daily and I cry everytime. It’s going to be emotional, to say the least…

Hobo! Hobo is doing great. She’s lost some weight, and tomorrow I’m taking her to a dog allergist to see about her ever present health issues. Seems like we are at the vet each week. Last week, I know I had some of you worried when she was put under to have something removed from her head, it turns out that Hobo had a small plant growing in her ear after getting some dirt in it! So bizarre, only MY dog!

Work…well, I’m busy to say the least. I’m still putting in hours working at The Insider, which is a dream, but a ton of work. I love getting advanced copies of records and meeting all the artists…it’s a dream. I do miss performing, and once a week I dream about glittery costumes and tap shoes. I’m thinking about beginning to train as a ballroom dancer as a hobby, but right now I do not have time! I’m also doing a ton of hosting work on the side, I worked with Us Weekly last weekend and tomorrow will appear on the Jeff Probst show. it’s really fun! I’m also working on a new book! I don’t want to talk about it too much, but it’s something I really love and I’m really excited about. I’m not sure when it will be done, or what it is exactly, but last night I was writing and crying and feeling like I couldn’t wait for you all the read it.

I know alot of you have been wondering where your moonbeams have gone! I’ve recently spent a ton of time revamping my website www.keltiecolleen.com and going around the internet to my twitter, facebook and instagram and making sure it all matches! (…even this little buzznet page!) I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to work the moonbeams, if it should be an app that everyone downloads that would give you a moonbeam everyday for 365 days, or if you like the emails. Some people though they were spammy, but I have to promote products for you to buy, so offset the cost of having the email program that sends you the moonbeams! I would love (in the comments below) if you would help let me know what you would like.

I’ve also been so busy creating my next line for Sugar and Bruno. I LOVE designing the clothes, and I was really proud of my summer line. I’ve been working on one shirt, but I really need to figure out my next designs….again….is there anything you guys are loving that you want me to make?

I’m also working to become healthier. You guys would be so proud. I’ve been going to the gym every week a few times a week to work out (I mostly take the classes) and I’m trying to learn to cook, and trying to eat more health food and drink more water. It’s important to be healthy, and I’ve felt sluggish for a long time, so I am happy to begin my new life as a health food nut!

Anyways, I just wanted to catch up with some of you, and give you an update. I’m still writing and trying blog for you as much as possible. But I want to hear from you~ What are you interested in? What are you listening to? What do you want more of in my blog?

Love you guys! xx