Heartblog: Fearless Friday

It’s Friday and I’m a horrible human being.

Yesterday I attended a tv taping with a friend of mine that involved us sitting around the green room for a few hours, and I am not sure what happened to me. For some reason, I got so nasty and just began updating him with all the ugliest, worst news about everyone in my life. I ragged on everything and everyone around me, losing all sense of compassion. I was totally a backstabber. I said things I would never be able to say to people’s faces, and I am not sure why, or where it all came from. After all, life is pretty good!

As I drove home I tried to figure out where all this nastiness came from, was it jealousy? Were my feelings hurt? Was I feeling emotional? It’s hard to say what brings out the worst in us, but I would say that those three factors play a big part.

Moving on, last night I went to see a show with some of my friends in LA and had the best time. It was there that I ran into a close friend of mine that mentioned that she had had dinner with one of our mutual friends. That mutual friend was totally ragging on everything I am doing, and that my good friend had to put her in her place.

I was DEEPLY OFFENDED after all, who would ever find a flaw in me? I’m ME! I’m nice, and kind, and I just work hard, and I never talk shit about people….or do I?

There I was being hurt by extactly the kind of actions that I had put out into the universe all day long. It really made me sit up and look at myself and my life, and what type of human I was being. The answer is, not a very good one.

I’m pretty sure that this is what life is about, no one is perfect all the time. We have to be able to feel when we are wrong and reinvent ourselves when the time comes to make our souls a little better. I have re-learned a lesson I first learned almost 10 years ago, that talking about people behind their backs is hurtful and awful and that nothing good comes from it. Chances are if you are talking about someone else, then someone is talking about you. It just rots our souls and I know I am ready to wipe my ugly slate clean and begin to be a better human, TODAY!

I hope that if you are like me and have fallen off the wagon that you will join me! Be Better! xx

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