Happy Birthday Beyonce! 10 Reasons I Want to Be You

31 years ago today, the single person chosen to contain all of the talents ever deemed entertaining AKA Beyonce Knowles was born unto our human planet. Since the United States is a democracy and not a monarchy, I have no choice but to crown Beyonce my Queen and throw a little diamond jubilee of my own.

There are hundreds…possibly thousands of reasons I would rather wake up as Beyonce every morning, but lets spare myself some depression and stick with the following ten.

Her vacations/vacation photos are clearly way better than everyone else’s in history:

Her pregnancy announcment outshines all pregnancy announcements (possibly including the Virgin Mary):


Beyonce also gets to be Sasha Fierce, and Sascha Fierce DGAF:

She was raised by the genius mind that brought us all of the Destiny’s Child matching outfits:

She can seduce the world with her gaze and get anything she wants…probably including free donuts (Already using her powers for bad in my mind):

She can safely say she DID in fact create one of the greatest videos of all time:

Her legs can do this with ease:

She is cooler than Lady Gaga:

Shares the greatest love/music video of all with Jay Z:

**BONUS** Looks adorable as spiderman:

Do you wish you were Beyonce? If so why and if not WHY NOT??