Happy 23rd Birthday Bill & Tom Kaulitz

September 1st, 1989. Exactly 23 years ago, in a little city in Loitsche, Germany, were born two little boys, two twins: Bill & Tom Kaulitz. They have always been really really closed and always had the same thoughts and dreams: become superstar! And after 23 years they are the most popular Germany rockband in the whole world of the last 20 years.

[16th birthday – September 2005]

Last year, Tom finally got his first tattoo and with Bill decided to get a twin tattoo: the hour of their birth. Tom (06:20) was born 10 minutes before Bill (06:30)

For their 18th birthday, in 2007, they rented an amazing ice bar called Indochine in Germany and they celebrated with family and friends, among roulette and chocolate fountains.

When they turned 19, (in 2008) they were in LA with the band for a US tour.

During the breakfast they received a cake, if you check out the video (starts at 3:43) at 4:50 you see Bill dries a tear, the reason is Tom’s answer to the question: “Which is the best gift you ever received at your birthday?” and he replied saying: “It was born 10 minutes after me.”

I think it’s one of the sweetest things someone can say.

In 2009 they turned 20 and for the occasion they realized one of their dream: a whole day at the amusement park. They rent the one in Heidepark, Soltau (Germany) for them and their cousin who celebrated the birthday too.

They really had a lot of fun! Check out the video!

Bill at midnight hour (European time) left this message on BTK App:

Now, at 23 years they are working on their fourth album studio and they are putting all their efforts for to get one of their best albums ever.

I decided to make a little gift for them, this video:

…with one of the most touching songs Bill wrote, IN DIE NACHT (In the night) where he talks about the connection and the special reation with his brother Tom. This is their song and I really love a verse in particular that says: “You are everything I am and everything that runs in my veins”

“Bill, my little angel. Thanks for everything! You are my oxygen and my whole life. Ich Liebe Dich!”

“Tom, my sweet brother in law. You are the bro I’ve never had. Thanks for make me laugh in each moment. Love you soo much!”

Happy birthday Bill & Tom!

I wish all the best, never surrender!