Hannabeth Speaks Up About The 2012 VMAs

In less than 24 hours all of the VMA maddness will be starting and the red carpet will be in full force! Buzznet asked me to asnwer a few VMA related questions so check them out below!


What is your favorite part of the VMAs? (performances, surprises, collaborations, fashion etc)

My favorite part of the VMA’s is definitely the fashion!! I am always excited to see who will take it to the next level!

Who has your vote for Best New Artist?

fun. f/ Janelle Monae “We Are Young”

Who do you think should win for Video Of The Year?

Rihanna f/Calvin Harris: “We Found Love”

If you were to attend the VMAs this year what would you wear?

I would wear something outrageous and completely obnoxious. I love making a statement. hmm… maybe a glitter bodysuit or some wild ripped up dress with leather and studs haha!

Who would you take as your dream date to the VMAs?

I would take Gary Oldman because he’s a babe, but, if I had to take a musician I would take Elton John, I mean, who doesn’t want to go to an event with Elton John? ha

A favorite memory from a past VMA show?

My favorite memory would be when “bruno” flew down on Eminem and he freaked out! so hilarious.