Hannabeth: This Or That Questions

Buzznet asked me some fun “this or that” questions, this week! You can check out all my answers below!

Do you want the new Green Day album OR the new No Doubt Album? I want both, ha ha! I love both bands.

Old school pop music OR the current pop stars? Neither, I hate pop music.

Instagram OR Twitter? Instagram.

Texting OR talking on the phone? Talking on the phone.. It’s more personal.

Buying CDs OR listening online? Neither.. I love listening to vinyl. I have an awesome collection.

Group dates OR single dates? Depends on the situation, if it’s a guy I am trying to get to know, single date. If it’s someone I have been dating for awhile it’s fun to do a group date here & there.

Halloween OR Thanksgiving? Halloween! I love dressing up.

Summer OR Winter Fashion?Winter. I prefer to bundle up. I am a huge fan of layering, and I have a sick jacket collection.

What do YOU like better, Halloween or Thanksgiving?