First Look: Miley Cyrus In Bed With Ashton Kutcher On ‘Two And A Half Men’!

Since we heard our girl Miley Cyrus was slated to make a guest appearance on the CBS hit show Two and a Half Men, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the juicy details. The time has come: the first look at the 19-year-old former Disney star’s appearance on one of TV’s best comedy shows is here! On the show, Miley plays Missi, Walden‘s (played by Ashton Kutcher) friend’s daughter, who makes him start to feel old. While the photo above shows Missi in bed with Walden, she’s actually the love interest for Jake (Angus T. Jones) who is returning home from the army to visit his father Alan (Emmy-winning actor Jon Cryer). Interesting!

Despite Miley’s wild child ways, it turns out that she was very much beloved on the set of the show – particularly by Jon! He said: “[Missi] is just coming to L.A. to see what it’s like to live out there and she stays with us for a few days and of course throws everything into disarray,” he teases. “[Miley] is beautiful and remarkable. You will enjoy her on the show!”

Miley makes her debut on Two and a Half Men on October 17th.

Will you be tuning into Two and a Half Men when Miley’s on it?