Enjoy Some Epic Stage Falls (VIDEOS)

When I see a video with someone falling down I always laugh; I know so mature, right?

Admit it, you laughted at that model taking a spill! Well, to bring some more laughs to your day we have compiled some of the best performance falls of all time. LOLZ! Everyone from Rihanna to Beyonce has taken an unintentional stage dive, but the most important thing is they have all got back on their feet! What pros!

Take a look at these videos and tell me which one made you fall over laughing!


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Lady Gaga

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Demi Lovato Jonas Brothers Matt and Kim Wiz Khalifa Beyonce Miley Cyrus Kanye West

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. #musicrules.

Which one made YOU fall over laughing!