I don’t know why….

Last days I’m almost offline here and it makes me sad too. I love everyone and this place. Although I’m Polish and by it my English isn’t too amazing, I know that always I can back to Buzznet.

I have many problems in this week and I don’t know what I can do with my life, and why I have always badluck. I want to feel happiness and everything the best but sometimes, ok almost always I think that badluck it my second name. I know that it can sounds pathetic but this is true.

Many problems with education, living, my projects… I’m sorry that I write about it but feel so sad by it.

I had a few plans that posting some my articles on Buzznet but I was too much depressed…I’ll try to write these….

p.s. this is some photo which I take by web cam a few days ago:

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