Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Resembles Rihanna?

Chris Brown recently got a tattoo on his neck and fans have been going crazy trying to figure out what…or who it is.

The ink depicts a woman whose face is not very clear and a bit disfigured, and people seem to be linking this to Rihanna. Or more specifically, how Rihanna’s face looked when Chris assaulted her back in 2009.

Brown’s camp says that tattoo has nothing to do with Riri and it is a “random woman.” Hmm, sounds a bit vague, no?

I just think that’s a really weird tattoo in general, and if it is really Rihanna’s disfigured face when she was beat up, then that’s just messed up because I don’t know why he’d want that displayed on his neck for the whole world to see and remember everytime they see him.

Do you think that’s a tattoo of Rihanna’s face or just a “random woman?”